Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not Happy Holidays for Everyone

Burma Army Kills Girl
During the later part of November in the United States the pre holiday activities begin with preparation for the Thanksgiving Holiday followed by the traditional December Holiday season that ends with New Years.
On the other side of the world the villages and residents spread across the Karen State of eastern Burma celebrate and give thanks for surviving what has been routine mortar attacks and Army assaults on their villages. The villagers also grieve what also has become a continuous loss of life of their loved ones, as is the case in the most recent death of a young girl from a Burmese Army Mortar attack.   

Burma Army Trucks Enter Village

 The attack of November 10th 2010 on a village in the Dooplaya District in the Karen State caused the death of a young girl named Naw Ther Da Paw and displaced the villagers.   

The fifty year long civil war between the people of the eastern states of Burma and the Burmese government continues to be one of the longest ongoing wars in the world, and also the most unnoticed and a classic example of the term “Out of sight, out of mind”.

The link provided below connects to the Free Burma Rangers site, an aid organization providing medical and humanitarian assistance to the people of eastern Burma struggling to survive and live free of oppression.

Burma Army column moves on new road through Ler Mu Plaw valley
In ethnic areas the Burma Army builds roads to project their power more rapidly through the area. The roads serve the army camps from which attacks are launched and serve as formidable barriers to people trying to cross them. The roads cut through farms and villages, displacing all people along their axis, and separating communities from each other. The roads are patrolled and mined by the Burma Army and are barriers to travel, trade and the sending of relief.

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