Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pedophile Author Arrested

“Freedom of Speech-When it’s Convenient”
Twisting a Law Does Not Stop Child Molesters & Abduction

The creativity, insanity, crossing the line, twisting and bending the law to suit their own views or political agenda just never ceases or amazes when it comes to elected officials and senior Law Enforcement officials.

A little background:  A man in Colorado wrote a “How to” guide for PEDOPHILES awhile back and apparently despite public outrage none of the elected or appointed prosecutors or law enforcement officials in all the states, and in all the counties and various jurisdictions can figure out what law is being broken and simply seem to think that telling people how to commit a crime falls into freedom of speech.  I found this hard to believe, but seems to be true, they think (they get paid to think like this) that if someone writes a book or stands up in front of a crowd at a rally and instructs and tells people to commit a crime, that it falls under freedom of speech.  I was under the impression that this would fall under some law similar to inciting a riot, aiding or complicit in the committing of a crime or some sort of law that simply states that it is illegal to advise, assist or coerce  an individual to commit a crime. There has to be some law that covers this, if not, can’t they write one?
Ok, so here we have a bunch of educated people who cannot figure out how to stop a book publishing without fear of “Freedom of Speech” being yelled out. Meanwhile in Florida a Sheriff has figured out how to go even more in the wrong direction by arresting the author for violating an obscenity law, NOT for what the author would be guilty of, but for obscenity, creating a legitimate “Freedom of Speech” issue.  Instead of figuring out a legal way to arrest the author of a how to commit a crime book, they cited a obscenity law and get this, the Sheriff’s department  actually ordered a copy of the book to be mailed to him, and when he received it used it as the evidence of the obscenity violation.  

I would hope there is no debate about pedophiles and what should (opinion) be done with them to include the writer of the how to book, however what has happened in Florida has nothing to do with pedophiles. They arrested a guy for violating a obscenity law in a book he wrote.  To make it worse, they set it up for the guy to get away with it, unless and this is a very big unless, they decide to go ahead and arrest all book writers for violations of the state obscenity law. Now imagine that, every book writer who has ever written a book that has obscene language in it, or depicts a scene inclusive of obscenity in it would be arrested, that’s probably a few hundred thousand or so.  That is what this Sherriff has created by himself violating the oath he has taken, to uphold the law, and not to twist it when it’s convenient.  

This Sherriff should be spending his resources going after pedophiles for crimes against children. He should be lobbying for laws to protect children and harsher penalties against pedophiles to include the death penalty (opinion). 

Irony: Should the Sheriff get a list of everyone who has purchased the “How to” book, put them under surveillance and catch some pedophiles, and since we’re talking Florida law, if someone bought the book then they are automatically a pedophile, no excuses, period. Maybe he should also watch everyone who has purchased any book with obscenity in it, and arrest them too, of course that means the Sheriff would have to arrest himself for purchasing the how to book, no excuses, period.  

To clarify, my objection to the Sheriffs action is about setting a precedent that challenges freedom of speech in Florida. The issue about pedophiles is a serious one, but a separate issue from arresting someone for violating an obscenity law, which brings to question, are all authors facing arrest for the use of any obscenity in their writings. Based on the Sheriff own statement apparently this is also going to happen. 
 "The message is very clear: If you write a book, if you sell that book, if you transmit that book to anyone in our jurisdiction, then we will investigate you and arrest." Sheriff Judd.
Crimes against children are an inexcusable act. Children should be protected and not used as political pawns to make points by elected officials. If the laws are not already in place, then they should be written to protect children and punish those who victimize children, and not circumvent or violate existing laws to make up for shortcomings or lack of vision officials.

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