Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pedophile Author Arrested

“Freedom of Speech-When it’s Convenient”
Twisting a Law Does Not Stop Child Molesters & Abduction

The creativity, insanity, crossing the line, twisting and bending the law to suit their own views or political agenda just never ceases or amazes when it comes to elected officials and senior Law Enforcement officials.

A little background:  A man in Colorado wrote a “How to” guide for PEDOPHILES awhile back and apparently despite public outrage none of the elected or appointed prosecutors or law enforcement officials in all the states, and in all the counties and various jurisdictions can figure out what law is being broken and simply seem to think that telling people how to commit a crime falls into freedom of speech.  I found this hard to believe, but seems to be true, they think (they get paid to think like this) that if someone writes a book or stands up in front of a crowd at a rally and instructs and tells people to commit a crime, that it falls under freedom of speech.  I was under the impression that this would fall under some law similar to inciting a riot, aiding or complicit in the committing of a crime or some sort of law that simply states that it is illegal to advise, assist or coerce  an individual to commit a crime. There has to be some law that covers this, if not, can’t they write one?
Ok, so here we have a bunch of educated people who cannot figure out how to stop a book publishing without fear of “Freedom of Speech” being yelled out. Meanwhile in Florida a Sheriff has figured out how to go even more in the wrong direction by arresting the author for violating an obscenity law, NOT for what the author would be guilty of, but for obscenity, creating a legitimate “Freedom of Speech” issue.  Instead of figuring out a legal way to arrest the author of a how to commit a crime book, they cited a obscenity law and get this, the Sheriff’s department  actually ordered a copy of the book to be mailed to him, and when he received it used it as the evidence of the obscenity violation.  

I would hope there is no debate about pedophiles and what should (opinion) be done with them to include the writer of the how to book, however what has happened in Florida has nothing to do with pedophiles. They arrested a guy for violating a obscenity law in a book he wrote.  To make it worse, they set it up for the guy to get away with it, unless and this is a very big unless, they decide to go ahead and arrest all book writers for violations of the state obscenity law. Now imagine that, every book writer who has ever written a book that has obscene language in it, or depicts a scene inclusive of obscenity in it would be arrested, that’s probably a few hundred thousand or so.  That is what this Sherriff has created by himself violating the oath he has taken, to uphold the law, and not to twist it when it’s convenient.  

This Sherriff should be spending his resources going after pedophiles for crimes against children. He should be lobbying for laws to protect children and harsher penalties against pedophiles to include the death penalty (opinion). 

Irony: Should the Sheriff get a list of everyone who has purchased the “How to” book, put them under surveillance and catch some pedophiles, and since we’re talking Florida law, if someone bought the book then they are automatically a pedophile, no excuses, period. Maybe he should also watch everyone who has purchased any book with obscenity in it, and arrest them too, of course that means the Sheriff would have to arrest himself for purchasing the how to book, no excuses, period.  

To clarify, my objection to the Sheriffs action is about setting a precedent that challenges freedom of speech in Florida. The issue about pedophiles is a serious one, but a separate issue from arresting someone for violating an obscenity law, which brings to question, are all authors facing arrest for the use of any obscenity in their writings. Based on the Sheriff own statement apparently this is also going to happen. 
 "The message is very clear: If you write a book, if you sell that book, if you transmit that book to anyone in our jurisdiction, then we will investigate you and arrest." Sheriff Judd.
Crimes against children are an inexcusable act. Children should be protected and not used as political pawns to make points by elected officials. If the laws are not already in place, then they should be written to protect children and punish those who victimize children, and not circumvent or violate existing laws to make up for shortcomings or lack of vision officials.

For more information on crimes against children visit some of the sites listed below:

Cyber Tipline

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Smallest Pay Raise Since 1962?

Smallest Pay Raise For Military Since 1962? 

“Last week The House passed a continuing resolution that will provide funding to keep the government operating through September 2011. The bill includes a 1.4% military pay increase for fiscal year 2011, a figure requested by the President’s proposed budget.”( Full story go to: http://www.military.com/military-report/smallest-pay-raise-since-1962?ESRC=miltrep.nl )

Warren Martin in Basic Training 1975
The subject of military pay raises reminded me of when I joined the Army back in 1975.  I did my basic and Infantry training at Fort Polk Louisiana, got my first promotion to E-2 and went to Fort Riley Kansas, where I got my first once a month pay as a Private E-2.  After the tax deductions I had $235 cash in my hand. This was when the Army still had pay call once a month as we were paid in cash, which seemed to change to checks within a year or so and then soon after direct deposits became available. (see 1974 military pay chart below)

Now if you didn’t notice, yes I did say $235,  that was what was left over after taxes.  Over the years efforts were made to bring military pay up to the rest of the world and even in the mid 1970s and early 1980s when the economy was bad and unemployment was at 8% and 10% the military still received pay raises.  Oh yeah, contrary to what we keep hearing from the current Administration and some of the media about the worst recession since the depression of the 1930s, there were other recessions and times when unemployment was 8%-10% (see chart below).  Many of us remember the gas lines, out of gas signs and unemployment benefits not being extended.     

Long lines at the gas pumps were the norm during the 1970s
The reason for military raises and a continued policy of raises for the military every year was not to keep pace with inflation, but for military personnel to catch up with it and achieve an acceptable standard of living comparable to government employees and the civilian sector, an issue not discussed by most when the topic of military pay is addressed.
This comment in no way suggests that government employees are not deserving of the pay they receive, their pay is earned and deserved. The military pay on the other hand has been on perpetual catch up. Unlike the corporate world where the hierarchy reflects that the person making the most money holds the higher level jobs or supervisory position, it is not uncommon in the military for a military person to be in charge of a department or section of civilian employees and those civilians are paid more. Wonder how that would go over at the store, office and other workplaces?

During a time of War it is difficult for many of us to understand why the military will receive the “Smallest Pay Raise Since 1962,” and why instead of addressing and correcting issues that contribute to the economic problems, our elected officials seem to want to insist on penalizing citizens with pay freezes, more and new taxes, creating divisiveness, and adopting economic policies that have historically been proven to prolong recession and not work (another topic).
Some may argue that the current Administration is taking measures to control spending (although it has created more government jobs and agencies) to include statements that other government agencies and employees are not getting a pay raise.  This may be a good argument if it was true, however just like the military that at a minimum by law will receive 1.4% raise, the various government agencies and employees are subject to similar guarantees and contracts, they are just not going to get as much as they normally would, which is portrayed by the administration as giving an impression of sacrifice. 

The final point concerning the “Smallest Pay Raise Since 1962” is that considering the efforts and sacrifices of our military personnel, it is disappointing to see how easy it is for them to be forgotten.

“No posterity, 
you will never know how much it has cost us to preserve your freedom. 
My hope is that you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that I have took half the pains to preserve it.” John Adams

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Military Memorials

Special Forces Memorial Walk
A Very Special Memorial Built by Eagle Scout
Military Memorials have become a commonplace remembrance for fallen military. While all memorials pay tribute and are worthy of recognition, a few weeks ago one memorial captured my attention for a completely different reason other than what we have come know.

Each memorial is unique in its own way to include the names of those represented by those memorials.  One memorial that was dedicated recently is not only unique for those it represents, but also unique because of how it came to be built and who built it.  

The short version of this story began four years ago in 2006 when the 13-year old Jacob Netzel was considering an Eagle Scout project, and after some guidance from his father and some personal reasons decided building a memorial was where he would put his efforts.   Eagle Scout Jacob Netzel began his project, which turned into more of a quest, to build a memorial for the 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg.  Netzel braved the red tape, a moratorium on memorials and other obstacles, but after four years completed the fund raising and construction of the 3rd Special Forces Group Memorial Walk. 

The Memorial Walk is unique and yet simple in design, with individual headstones for each of the 28 members of the 3rd Special Forces Group killed in action since September 11 2001.  While the dedication of the Memorial represents remembering and honoring those fallen, the effort and dedication of a young man who was inspired at 13 years old to build the memorial is more than inspirational and commendable, it’s phenomenal, but then again for members of the close knit military community that Eagle Scout Netzel belongs to, anything less than phenomenal is not an option and the gift to the families of the fallen 3rd Special Forces Group soldiers, while phenomenal, shows the true heart, soul and comradery of  the Military and Special Forces communities.  

De Oppresso Liber

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th and “The Blue Marble”

 December 7th and “The Blue Marble”
December 7th is a day in United States history remembered for the attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii by Japan in 1941 and official entry into World War II.  It would probably have been hard for anyone who lived during that era to imagine that in just 31 years, on December 7th 1972 that three men would be in what many would call a tin can hurling towards the Moon in Apollo 17.  

The Apollo 17 mission to the Moon would be the first time that location and timing made it possible for the crew of the Apollo 17 to take what is referred to as the “Blue Marble” picture and what has become one of the most famous pictures ever taken, even competing with distribution of the famous flag raising by U.S. Marines on Iwo Jima. The Apollo 17 mission would also be the last time anyone has left the earth’s orbit or ventured back to the Moon.  

"The Blue Marble" photograph was taken while Apollo 17 was traveling toward the Moon from about 29,000 kilometers or about 18,000 statute miles.  The picture is among the most widely distributed photographs in history. Depicting a fully lit Earth, the snapshot was originally taken "upside-down," with Antarctica on top.   Although there had been previous Apollo missions, the Apollo 17 mission was the first one where the trajectory made it possible to photograph the south polar ice cap and also get a completely lighted earth.
The “Blue Marble” photograph is considered a beautiful image of the earth and a reminder of how small and fragile the earth is. It depicts a beautiful array of colors and is void of the up close realities its people endure.  Thirty one years ago the people of that time were bursting with excitement and a adventurous spirit in the missions to the Moon, however most of the middle aged and older people of that time also remembered December 7th 1941, that infamous day that will always be remembered.  

While the day December 7th continues to be remembered each year, the more important issue of the date is forgotten or not even understood by many.  The attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan and the takeover of the Orient by Japan in the 1930s along with the takeover by Hitler and Germany of Europe and Africa in the 1930s is part of history. The deaths of millions of lives throughout the world by Japan and Germany prior to December 7th 1941 and the United States involvement is also history. The issue that must be remembered and taught is not that it happened, but why it happened, and to not repeat the errors in judgment of the past.  Six decades after the World War II era, most scholars of history and economics tend to agree that isolationist policies of the United States and the policies of President Roosevelt had failed, prolonged the war and the economic Great Depression, and cost more lives by ignoring what was happening.  

While the official stat date of World War II is considered December 7th 1941, the hostilities in the world had begun with Japan in September 1931 with the invasion of Manchuria China.  In 1933 Hitler took over Germany through legal processes, gained power through unions and government controls and would invade 17 countries plus partner with Italy before the United States involvement in the war. 

 During the 1930s the United States was plagued with isolationist mentality and a belief that the problems of the world were not United States problems, ignoring the facts and reality that world problems will eventually become United States problems. The first actions by Japan in 1931 until the end of World War II in 1945 spanned 14 years, of which the United States was involved in four years.  

The policy and believe of ignoring the world and not learning from past history seems to only allow for history to repeat itself.  Ignoring Japan and Germany did not prevent December 7th, but instead could be said it caused it.  Likewise ignoring the years of bombings, organizing and plotting by terrorist organizations did not prevent September 11th, and here again one could argue that by ignoring it we allowed it to happen.        

No matter how many times history repeats itself, every generation seems to forget the lessons of past generations and despite the best intentions, or in some cases self-interest, they end up repeating history. The lesson is to learn from the past so as not to repeat them in the future. Ignoring or pretending a problem does not exist does not make it go away, it just makes it a bigger problem.

The photo was originally taken 'upside down' in that the North Pole was at the bottom of the photo. This is because of the orientation in which the astronauts were traveling at the time.