Monday, November 29, 2010

The Team, The Team, The Team

Michigan Taking To The Field At The Big House
With the NFL season winding down and Super Bowl frenzy winding up, I found it interesting (although not surprising) to hear a remark about how the NFL may go on strike for the 2011 season.  I write this only out of a sort of love of sports, after all, for all the sports lovers of the world, most play and watch sporting events for the love and excitement of the game, the love of the Team, the Sport and NOT for individual glory, arrogance, money or providing financial support to a business enterprise. 

It is unfortunate to have to say it, but in recent years the NFL has transitioned from a Sport to a business. The players too are a part of this and have gone from playing a sport they love to being focused on money instead of playing.  Every season we hear about so and so who has not reported to practice yet because of pay. If they did that in college football they’d be off the team.
Vince Lombardi:  When the NFL was Football
Why am I ranting about the NFL? It’s probably frustration with the arrogance, high prices of everything NFL, and lack of heart.  Have you noticed the battle of cable and satellite over NFL rights, or actually lack of a battle?  Most of the cable providers have told the NFL no thanks to their outrageous demands resulting in only a very few providers offering NFL packages, packages that are purchased at a tremendous loss to the providers that give in to the NFL price tag.  These companies that do buy the NFL package do so at a loss and hope to recoup their loss through unseen contract agreement fees and charges.   

This season I have found myself watching college and NFL and amazed at the difference. You would think the roles would be reversed, but no, I see college football players playing the game with HEART, a love for the game and the TEAM they represent. Even with team superstars they still operate as a team. The speed, agility and skills shown on the college fields seem to dwarf the performances by the NFL players as a whole.  Last month a historic game between Michigan and Illinois, a game ending with a Michigan win 67-65, and get this, it was a TRIPPLE over-time game. 

Heart and Team spirit, real Team spirit not motivated by money but for the love of the game and the Team.  With that I will finish and suggest watching the Michigan intro video, not because it’s Michigan or for Michigan, but because the moral of the intro can apply to any Team or Organization.  The very motivational and memorial speech by the Michigan coach Bo Schembechler is one everyone should listen to. The Team, The Team, The Team.

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