Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We The People Have Spoken

“We The People” have spoken, just as we did in 1776, just as we did throughout the past 227 years. Throughout the history of the United States there have been significant and historical events that mark the history books and mark the memory of the people who experienced the event or events.
The Election of,(as the media, the world and the people of the United States, black, white and others have stated) a Black man is an historical event for the country and the world. Regardless of your political or personal view concerning this event, it is historical and a benchmark in history. As I stated, regardless of your views, views do not stop history from happening. The events of the United States Independence, the Civil War, the Lincoln assisation, Pearl Harbor, the JFK assignation and 911 are just some of the significant historical events in our history, and the election a Black man to President is a historical event that will be remembered by those who were here to witness it. Time will be the judge as to how this period transitions into history, but for now the election of a Black man to the office of President is a significant milestone in history.

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